Countdown To Summer Fitness Challenge! How To Get Fit And Lose Weight In 6 Weeks

Countdown To Summer Fitness Challenge! How To Get Fit And Lose Weight In 6 Weeks

How about those fabulous bike rides in the park! What about grilling barbeque on the deck? Are you down for a little surfing and tanning on the beach? Summer will be upon us in less than six weeks. Not only do we want to enjoy the warm months that are rapidly approaching, we want to look like we are enjoying them.

It doesn�t matter if it is ten, twenty, forty, or seventy pounds, just get started!

Weight loss should be slow and steady, while focusing on cutting calories and increasing exercise. It is important to refrain from overexerting yourself. Weight loss takes time.

I have never been one to acknowledge or accept the idea of dieting. The true meaning of dieting is counting and managing your calories for a specific amount of time in order to reach a target weight goal. This concerns me because it is temporary. What happens when you resume your normal eating habits? You gain weight!

I believe in making a complete paradigm in the way we think about food. You can do this by establishing good eating habits. Why not establish a habit of consuming 500-600 calories for breakfast instead of 1,500? If you replace muffins, bagels, pancakes, sausage, grits and bacon with fruit, turkey bacon, cottage cheese, grain cereal, or yogurt, you will probably find yourself 10 pounds lighter on breakfast alone. Do the same for lunch and dinner and lose an additional 10-20 pounds. Wait until you add exercise into the equation.