PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade Tutorial

PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade Tutorial

How to pick the hard drive for the PS4 hard drive upgrade. The PS4 HD is 500gb but games are proceeding to be virtually 50gb each which does not get away from much room to store the games or digitally download them.

The good media is that Volvo manufactured it really easy for your average Joe to enhance their very own PS4. All anyone need is a typical Phillips screw driver and your ready to go.

PS4 Hard Drive Improvement - Here are the latest PS4 HD technical specs that will you need to think about.

2. 5 Inches (The standard laptop size central HD will be 2. your five inches yet personal computers could also use this size)9. 5mm Size ( 9. 5mm Laptop dimension internal HD)500gb Sizing (Capacity to hold data)5400 RPM (How fast typically the HD operates)Sata II (How short data can easily be transferred)System that said you MUST make sure you search for a couple of. 5 inches and even on the lookout for. 5mm when you happen to be trying to find some sort of new really hard drive, whatever bigger and you will be coming back this.

There are a couple PS4 Hard disk Improve advice that will aid you discover a HD inside your budget.

Measurement : 1TB (1000GB+) rapid Truth be told there really is no apply obtaining anything in in between 500gb and 1 TB. The 500gb model may get the same hard drive and 750gb will sole get you one other five games worth of storage spaceRPM - 5400 is usually Standard fo