PS4 V Xbox One -- Hardware Comparison

PS4 V Xbox One -- Hardware Comparison

A question that prospective console customers will ask many moments over the next few years is which usually is the better gaming system, the Sony PlayStation some or perhaps the Microsoft Console One? In this document we take a look in the technical information on each and every console and review all of them against each additional.

PS4 v Xbox A single : CPU

At the cardiovascular system regarding any gaming gaming system is it has the processor chip. That is responsible for the particular raw power of often the unit, whilst as well linking all of the various other components such RAM, disk drive, graphics chip and optical drive together.

The PS4 and Xbox One work with very similar CPUs, equally while using Jaguar architecture manufactured by AMD and containing of a pair of quad-core quests giving a entire associated with 8-core units.

The Xbox live One runs with one. 75GHz, although it has been original specified as one 6GHz but increased in advance of launch by Microsoft technicians. The PlayStation's processor speed has not been formally released simply by Sony, however it is said simply by industry experts to end up being running at 1. 6GHz. Although this really is more slowly in comparison with the Xbox, that can be a relatively small big difference that it is impossible to provide often the Xbox 360 with any apparent real-world advantage. There is in addition indication that the Nokia product has a boost function w