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What Are the Penalties and Rewards For a Poker Judgment?

poker judgment

A poker judgment is a court order that you sign to return the money you got from a poker tournament or pot. There are two types of poker judgments: Winning and Losses, each with their own penalties, rewards, and deductions.

If you win, you must report your win by April's date. Any wager winnings not reported to the state within 30 days are deemed void. You cannot roll over an existing win to another game, but you can have it added to your next win. You also cannot claim your winnings from that same game.

Any late poker judgment is void. You must report your lottery prize winnings by April's end.

If you lose, you must pay the full amount within thirty days. Your original deposit is returned to you and a penalty is assessed on top of the idn poker online original value. The penalty must be paid within 30 days or the state has the right to set it aside and remove it from your assets. A losing poker judgment can be lowered or removed.

Poker judgment advances are generally assessed against a person based on the current stock values of the various online poker rooms as well as, if there is a holding period for certain games, their profits and losses. Many times a lot of time has passed since the last time the poker room was closed and all of its employees have moved on.

To qualify for a poker judgment, the plaintiff (attorney) has to show that the defendant (online poker room) was negligent in terms of performance, carelessness, or timeliness of its activities, both in terms of putting in place the necessary technological measures that would facilitate and protect the user of the poker room, and in terms of its performance of these measures. Other factors considered are whether the defendant performed any duty towards the player of the poker room, whether the action of the defendant meets the standard of normal care as established by the law of the jurisdiction, and whether the defendant acted with reckless disregard for the safety of the player or third parties.

After all of this has been determined, the plaintiff then files for a judgment. The plaintiff is then awarded a certain percentage of the profit of the pot. If the plaintiffs win the poker game, the amount they are awarded depends on the size of the pot.


The pot, the date of the pot, and the type of action taken in terms of winning or losing are all things that affect the amount of the winning or losing poker winnings. It's important to check these details as often as possible to ensure you are not liable for the amounts you win or lose. It's a good idea to consult with a lawyer when in doubt as well.