secommercialservices official

secommercialservices official

Being a restaurant owner, I very well understand how important cleaning can be in making or breaking the reputation of your brand. Apart from the quality of food and the service quality of the waiters, hygiene is the next most important thing that all customers look up to. And I cannot take my chances with it.

My restaurant is pretty huge, with an additional outdoor play area for kids. And with all this extravagance, comes huge bills associated with the cleaning services that I use. I was very worried about the constantly increasing bills, which took a large chunk of my profits without delivering as per my expectations. A customer, who is also a friend, advised me to try S.E. Commercial cleaning services. And it was a very good decision on my part to go with his advice.

They are the masters when it comes to cleaning and upkeep of any type of premise, be it commercial, industrial or private. As a Safe Contractor accredited company, the safety of their employees, your employees and that of the general public is of the utmost importance to them. They adhere to a strict Health and Safety Policy and carry out detailed site specific Risk Assessments prior to undertaking any work onsite.

They gave me a tailored cleaning services plan, which was detailed and as per my budget constraints. Knowing that the cleaning bills were going to reduce was a relief in itself.

They have handpicked staff who are very well trained and adhere to proper work ethics and are committed to your requirements. They consistently audit and review the quality of their work through regular inspections to ensure that the high standards are being maintained throughout. And needless to say, in any service, some issues may arise. But they fix them free of cost, no questions asked.

I am highly satisfied with the experience and would surely recommend them.